Forget Me Not by Mandasue Heller

Forget Me Not

Mandasue Heller

An excellently crafted crime novel full of twists and turns to keep the reader enthralled. It is the story of Lisa, twelve going on twenty, her life and relationships until she meets Benny, tall, dark and handsome and anything but what he seems. Set against a backdrop of crime and prostitution in Manchester a gritty page turner from a crime writer to watch.

Hiding among a thick group of trees in the neglected older section of the cemetery, he watched as the girls made their way to the main gates. Under cover of the hulking angel headstones so favoured in earlier years, he shadowed their progress- the welcome rain rendering him invisible to those morners who were still straggling from the graveside, their heads down as they walked. This same rain, however also made it impossible to gauge if his girl was crying. The other two obviously were, but that was a simpler matter. Theirs was the primitive wailing of a child who's lost its playmate. But was she , too, indulging in this self-serving act? Or was her face wet as a result of the rain?
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