The Taker by Alma Katsu

The Taker

Alma Katsu

An epic debut tale of immortality with the obsessive love affair between Lanny and Jonathan at its heart. The mesmerising, strange and compelling story moves effortlessly from past to present spanning two centuries and two continents with scenes of brutality, magic and decadence along the way. One to keep you up at night and be glad that it is not possible to live forever!

She lifts her chest, arms outstretched, as though to give him a better view, but Luke can see fine, only he can't believe what he is seeing. The two sides of the cut are creeping towards each other like the tendrils of a plant, rejoining, knitting together. The cut has stopped bleeding and is starting to heal. Through it, the girl's breathing is rough but she betrays no sense of pain. Luke can't be sure his feet are on the floor. He is watching the impossible - the impossible!
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