Traveller of the Century by Andres Neuman

Traveller of the Century

Andres Neuman

A novel of the past that unashamedly comments on the present. Based in an imaginary German town with ever-changing topography, this unpredictable, omnivorous work is intellectually challenging and yet emotionally captivating. The carefully crafted plot and rising action is assiduously arranged resulting in an unforgettable and engrossing read.

How many days have I been here? To begin with I knew exactly how many, but now I couldn’t say for sure. (Why does that worry you? the organ grinder said, what’s wrong with staying here?) I don’t know, I suppose I’m afraid of carrying on seeing Sophie and then having to leave, it would be worse, maybe I should continue my travels while there’s still time. (But isn’t that what love is, the old man said, being happy to stay?) I’m not sure, organ grinder, I’ve always thought of love as pure movement, a sort of journey. (But if love itself is a journey, the old man argued, why would you need to leave?).
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Explicit sexual content