The Painter by Will Davenport

The Painter

Will Davenport

This book has it all. Thriller, romance and historical fiction readers will all find something here. I loved the way the story moved seamlessly between the 17th and 21st centuries. The details about Rembrandt's work and the discovery of the diary are fascinating. A real page-turner, well researched and compulsive.

Honesty is everything. I paint what I see and I paint it in the only way I can. If my style has gone out of fashion, then that is fashion's fault, not mine. A rich client tests the honesty of any painter. To the world, the man in the chair may look like a frost-nipped turnip but what is he to himself? When he looks in the glass, does a demi-god look back? I don't paint to flatter. I paint to infect the canvas with the exact humanity of my vision, turnip or no turnip.
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