The Dream Catcher by Maria Barrett

The Dream Catcher

Maria Barrett

This is a scenario many a 30-something mum is going to relate to. There must be more to life than the humdrum of everyday domestic chores. But when that 'more' arrives, don't take everything at face value. Passions run deep and revenge can be destructive.

Lucie shrugged. How the hell did she know? She knew what she was doing was wrong for her, that betrayal left her weak with guilt. She didn't want to get caught, she didn't want to lose her marriage, but what sort of marriage did she have? She co-habited with Marcus, they lived in the same house but they had separate lives. He didn't touch her - she couldn't remember the last time he had held her hand across a table. She loved him, but where was all that love going? Nowhere. It needed an outlet, her sexual energy needed an outlet, and her need for affection - the basic need that every human being has - had to be satisfied.
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