Indelible Acts by A L Kennedy

Indelible Acts

A L Kennedy

Short stories but not easy reads! Very strong characterisation so you are drawn very quickly into a glimpse of someone's inner life. If you've ever wanted anything or anyone passionately, if you've ever tried to analyse a relationship or work out the next step you will find sparks of recognition. Enjoy the language and the depth of the writing.


My face in her hair, yes: being there for the heat, the intention that lights her face, our hands making every clasp and slip I can imagine, every one, and the first time she opened the seal of her mouth, yes, and easing and setting and pressing my body against hers and trying to think away her clothes, yes - this is mine with Elizabeth, but there is nothing more. We only have love, we don't make it.

  • What We Talk About When We Talk About Love by Raymond Carver
  • Heart Songs by Annie Proulx
  • A Multitude of Sins by Richard Ford

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