With My Dog-Eyes by Hilda Hilst

With My Dog-Eyes

Hilda Hilst

A very short, very sad novel describing a University lecturer's descent into madness. The language is rich, poetic and obscene with an experimental style. Newly translated into English, this is one to be read for the language if not for the story.


Ah. Let's proceed, Professor, I can't stay much longer, so just take a leave of absence, twenty days, relax. But sir, you still haven't been clear with me about the rumours. Very well: there are obvious signs of wandering off. Pardon? Of aloofness, if you like, yes, of aloofness on your part during classes, sentences that break off and only continue after fifteen minutes, Professor Keras fifteen minutes is too much, they say you simply disconnect.

  • The Obscene Madame D by Hilda Hilst
  • Down the Rabbit Hole by Juan Pablo Villalobos

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