All Embracing & Other Stories by Dave Pescod

All Embracing & Other Stories

Dave Pescod

This is a truly wonderful, perceptive, human collection of short stories. Dave Pescod has a skill in the use of descriptive language that leaves you in no doubt whatsoever about what he wanted to tell you. In that, his writing is extraordinary. But these stories are also witty and heartwarming. Settle back for a treat.


That night I lay in bed, in the coffin position. I don't know if Madge did tell the head librarian, but I had been called into the main office and Mrs Pilfrey closed the door behind me, then proceeded to enforce her power. She made it pretty plain as she peered over her bifocals. 'I think it would be best if you left and used another branch of the library in future, don't you? At least till this blows over.'
Trevor said that his wife wasn't very well and made apologies. He was transferred to the mobile library, hard labour in Siberia. Trevor has had me in many places, his car, my car, the library and in a friend's caravan. I wanted to have him here in my own home, in my own bed, or Madge's summerhouse but it won't happen now.

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