The White Lioness by Henning Mankell

The White Lioness

Henning Mankell

A well-paced thriller in which Kurt Wallander (Mankell's seasoned police inspector) is called upon to investigate the disappearance of Louise Akerblom, wife, mother, estate agent and Methodist. If you like your crime interwoven with international politics and psychology as well as action, this one might be for you.

'The fire broke out at 9am,' he said. 'There is evidence to suggest that some form of powerful explosive was used, with a timing device. There is absolutely no reason to suppose the fire was started by natural causes. Holmgren says that there were no gas canisters and the whole house was rewired last year. While the fire was being fought, one of our police dogs sniffed out a human finger some 25 metres from the blaze. It's an index finger or a middle finger of a left hand. In all probability a man's. A black man's. The forensic team have run a fine-tooth comb over such parts of the heart of the fire and the immediate area as accessible, but they have found nothing more. We've run a line search over the whole area and found nothing. No sign of the car, no sign of Mrs Akerblom. A house has blown up, and we've found a finger belonging to a black man. That's about it.'
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