Wales Half Welsh by John Williams (ed)

Wales Half Welsh

John Williams (ed)

Entertaining anthology of short stories with an underlying theme from the 'land of song'. It's so refreshing to read a Welsh book that contains no references to male-voice choirs from the valleys, or indeed Max Boyce or rugby union. Each story has an edge to it - and I never guessed any of the endings. Very contemporary in its subject matter and easy to read. A must for those who 'walk on the dark side'. Also, an eye-opener for those who have always read the safe and expected. Try it.


'Iolo,' one of them said, so Iolo walked towards them. He had no drugs on him, but it'd only take a minute to walk back to the bedsit. The closer he got, the louder the laughter, until he stopped at the pavement before them. They looked at him, their ridiculous faces full of confusion. A train shuddered past on the railway bridge above, vibrating in the ground under their feet. All three men looked up towards the row of yellow-lit square windows speeding through the indigo sky. Once the train disappeared the men walked away, laughing again when they got to the other side of the road. Iolo shrugged as though he wasn't embarrassed, or dizzied by this misunderstanding. Either drugs had taken his hearing away or someone was taking the piss. A fat Asian woman in the shop with the purple awning sold him ten cigarettes and a big banana milkshake. Back at the house he took his weighing scales out of the gas cupboard. Swept the loose grains of speed from the table, directing it all with his hands, into the balancing pan. He wrapped the grams in the pages of a worthless Batman fanzine, licked his fingers and made off for an evening of trade at Pontypridd Student Union.

  • A White Afternoon : Parthian Anthology of Welsh Short Stories by Meic Stephens (ed)
  • Power : An Anthology of Short Stories by Women from Wales by Elen Ap Hywel (ed)

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