Mice by Gordon Reece


Gordon Reece

Ignore the rather repetitious 'mouse' imagery and delight, instead, in the spine chilling suspense. The timidity of the two heroines makes their actions all the more shocking. I became so tense, as I read, that I found myself begging my husband to check the end for me, to ensure everything would be okay! A well paced, disturbing thriller.


For the second time in my life I looked at my reflection and was unable to recognize myself. The face of a savage stared out at me from the bathroom mirror - not a sixteen-year-old middle-class English girl, but a primitive savage with a face daubed in the blood of the kill, eyes wide with the excitement of battle, hair stiff with dried blood and sticking up in jagged stipples. It was a shocking sight and it took several seconds before I could accept that the savage in the mirror was me.

  • Hurting Distance by Sophie Hannah
  • Tell Me No Secrets by Julie Corbin

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