The Well of Stars by Robert Reed

The Well of Stars

Robert Reed

Epic SF: a huge ship of massive age carries a world of near-immortals to an encounter with a deadly enemy. It will stretch your mind with the philosophical and scientific questions of classic SF. And it will also feed your imagination and engage your emotions. You might want to read the saga in order: Marrow comes first.

'I'd never been so dead before. It took days just to remake my bones, my organs and skin. When I was conscious again, the first thing that I did was look through my little diamond windows. The black hole had fallen behind, and I was free. I was watching the ship. I did watch you. Honestly, I hoped all of you would survive. Why wouldn't I want the best for you? All those thousands of good friends, and of course I was thrilled when you changed your course just enough .... For days and days, I watched you fighting ... a gray ball getting smaller and duller ... slower than me by a long way and with a rather different trajectory ... and then I couldn't see you anymore, except inside my head ....'
  • Unto Leviathan by Richard Paul Russo
  • Methuselah's Children by Robert A Heinlein
  • 2001: a Space Odyssey by A C Clarke
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