The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud by Ben Sherwood

The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud

Ben Sherwood

An American feel good novel about the power of love. Charlie St Cloud is spending his life at Waterside cemetery playing ball with the ghost of his brother Sam until he meets adventurous yachtswoman Tess and is given a second chance. A very easy read - perfect for the beach.

And then a litle miracle happened, just as it did every night at sundown.

Sam St. Cloud stepped from the gloom of the forest and picked up the ball. He was unchanged after all these years, still twelve years old with untamed brown curls and a Rawlings base-ball mitt under his skinny arm. He wore a Red Sox cap and jersey, baggy shorts and black high-tops. Oscar sprinted from the undergrowth, tail held high. With soulful eyes and his distinctive yowl, he, too, was the same as before. The dog nipped at Sam's scrawny knees, then yelped at Charlie.

'C'mon, big bro,' Sam said with glee, 'let's play catch.'

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