In Search of the Missing Eyelash by Karen Mcleod

In Search of the Missing Eyelash

Karen Mcleod

Love, loss, the fragility of sanity and the implications of being lesbian or trans: Lizzie meets them all with philosophical good humour. I found this wry, warts-and-all portrait of family, friendship, dating and comfort eating achingly honest.

For twenty-one days now Sally has been my ex-girlfriend and there are still no signs of her stalking me, so I am up the road from her house behind the tree watching her double-glazed porch. So far, she hasn't rung up and put the phone down when I pick it up and she hasn't begged me on my doorstep to take her back. Every song on the radio means something to me so I have taken out the batteries. She is acting like she never cared at all.
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