The New Penguin Book of Gay Short Stories by David Leavitt

The New Penguin Book of Gay Short Stories

David Leavitt

Bittersweet, elegant, surprising and moving stories from gay, lesbian and straight authors. They explore the tensions which exist within individuals who know who they are, but who live in a culture which expects them to conform to other identities.

And you must imagine how all the time those other two were closing in. It was like a medieval siege...The difference was that the besieged didn't notice what they were at - at any rate the girl didn't, I don't know about him. I longed to warn her, but what could I have said that wouldn't have shocked or angered her? I believe the two of them would have changed their floor if that would have helped... they probably discussed the move together and decided it was too overt.
  • Why Don't You Stop Talking? by Jackie Kay
  • A Different Kind of Love by Jay Mandal
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