Homesick by Roshi Fernando


Roshi Fernando

A collection of 17 interwoven short stories which feature the same characters and combine to give a picture of Sri Lankan immigrants living in London. There is humour, drama and tragedy in these tales as some individuals long for Sri Lanka whilst the younger ones feel more British but are still not accepted by fellow pupils or workmates. Thought-provoking and questioning.

'Thing is, Dad, I'm not entirely convinced that I actually, you know, love Ian. I mean, he's a good bloke and everything, but it isn't like you and Mum or anything.' She was floundering. No one ever spoke these sorts of truths out loud, not in their family.
Wesley laughed. 'I am sure your mother felt the same way about me on our wedding day darling. What you see when you talk about love is years and years of practice. How can you achieve love if you don't practise it on a daily basis first?'
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