The Island at the End of the World by Sam Taylor

The Island at the End of the World

Sam Taylor

What would it be like to play God in your own manmade post-apocalyptic world? In a reworking of Genesis with echoes of Shakespeare's The Tempest, the author shows how paranoia and guilt soon warp the innocence of Eden. If you like an allegorical sort of novel that makes you think, as well as entertain, this should suit very well.

You were only clearing your throat that day, weren't you Lord? Only warning me of what was to come. But it was enough. Blind as I had been, I saw the light that day. I sold my cars and began taking the bus to work. I cut up Mary's credit cards and put the villa on the market. As for my 'work', I suddenly saw through it, saw what a sick joke it truly was. After the quake, I could no longer fake interest in what particular combination of words would best help sell sugar-pumped breakfast cereals to borderline obese 6 to 10 year-olds in the fucking Midwest ....
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