The Other Child by Charlotte Link

The Other Child

Charlotte Link

Two brutal murders in a Yorkshire seaside resort seem to be connected, but the police investigation stalls until a terrible family secret that has haunted two generations is uncovered. This bestselling German author has created a convincing local atmosphere as the background to a psychological thriller with all the red herrings and blind alleys you would expect in a classic English detective story. A compulsive read!


'Are you arresting me, Inspector?'
'It's just a chat,' replied Valerie politely. Inside she hissed: Happily, you bastard! You don't know how much I'd like to arrest you this instant, you and your revolting perma-grin!
The man was obviously not quite right in the head. When you come home and find your flat turned upside down by the police you don't smile as fixedly as that. At least not if you are innocent. Stan Gibson had a skeleton in his cupboard, she was sure of it. He was grinning like a Cheshire cat because he thought he was safe. He found the situation amusing. He was looking forward to a little game with the police ...
Don't let him get to you she told herself, as she went downstairs with him and Sergeant Reek. That's just what he wants, and it won't work. He'd better be prepared. He'll soon stop grinning.
She had always claimed she had a nose for psychopaths.
She would have bet anything that she had one in front of her right now. The worst kind of psychopath.
One that was exceptionally intelligent.

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