Good Girls Shouldn't by Veena S Halai

Good Girls Shouldn't

Veena S Halai

This very funny first novel reads not quite like its heroine, 24 year-old Nina, would sound but definitely as she might write her thoughts down; describing her struggles with the perennial problems of life, work (none), men (ditto) and (traditionally minded) parents. It should be filmed: but only if the budget stretches to including Nina's big Indian adventure.


The rules of the road were that there were no rules! You had to dodge the other road-users to get to your ultimate destination, having to deal with with all the numerous obstacles that got in the way. There was no road safety system in force like in England. Oh God. It was all a bit much to take on board, especially for us first-time visitors.

  • The Pocket Guide to Being an Indian Girl by B K Mahal
  • Life Isn't All Ha Ha Hee Hee by Meera Syal

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