Pavel & I by Dan Vyleta

Pavel & I

Dan Vyleta

Although violent in content the gently throbbing prose of this first novel ensures that you are protected from the horrors being described. A dark but funny narrative (delivered by a one-eyed Russian spy) weaves a mesmerising web of torture, love and loyalty that captures you in its sticky mess. You just won’t be able to put it down.


In the end I didn't. Speak to him. The whole of that first day. There were no threats I could make and be held to, and I was unsure of whether I was allowed to use techniques that left little or no mark on a man's body. Also, his face unnerved me, those dark teary eyes that shone hard as moist granite. By the end of the afternoon, I began to fixate on his wedding ring. He did not strike me as the kind of man who would cheat on his wife .... Then again it was an unusual circumstance, a dead boy between us, and a lover who slept with the enemy.

  • Travels with my Aunt by Graham Greene
  • Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson

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