Tough, Tough Toys for Tough, Tough Boys by Will Self

Tough, Tough Toys for Tough, Tough Boys

Will Self

These are tough, tough stories for tough, tough readers. If your taste is for fantasies about armies of flies or mountains of crack try 'Flytopia' and 'The Rock of Crack as Big as the Ritz'. If you have the stomach for gritty realism go for 'The Nonce Prize' or the title story. What links this collection is its black humour and a sense of discomfort. Be warned - this is writing on the edge at its most brilliant and dangerous.

And as the big car bisected the night, drumming past Lockerbie, ignoring the blue signs that blazoned: Carlyle's Birthplace, and eventually gaining the M6 - which was lit for its first few miles, a tarmac chute - Bill gutted the carcass of his own life. He pulled out the entrails of neglect, and the gall bladder of resentment; he removed the engorged liver of indulgence, and excised the kidneys of cynicism. He fumbled in the cavities of his body for his heart - but couldn't find it.
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