Diary by Chuck Palahniuk


Chuck Palahniuk

A dark and poignant act of storytelling form America's favourite and most inventive nihilist. In her diary Misty records the increasingly bizarre present and recalls the past in a serious of flashbacks. Don't give up on the diary style - it does get easier and part of the tension is not really knowing where the book is going till you get there.

Some visits, she sticks the needle in you, stabbing again and agin. And she whispers Can you feel this ....

It's not as if you've never been stuck with a pin. She whispers. You're still alive, Peter. How about this? ... Can you feel this?

You dear sweet stupid liar. Your Tabbi sends her daddy hugs and kisses. She turns 13 in 2 weeks. A teenager.

Today's weather is partly furious, with occasional fits of rage.
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