No Bones by Anna Burns

No Bones

Anna Burns

Tragic, hilarious and at times totally surreal account of growing up in Belfast during the 'troubles'. More a series of interlocking stories than a novel, in which the characters resort to the time-tested remedies of alcohol, drugs, food, sex, violence and madness to make sense of their world. A scarily original read - I was shocked to find myself shaking with laughter even whilst being confronted with scenes of horror and violence.

When the door closed after her the IRA men looked at each other and decided between them that, yes, once and for all, it was time to do something about that annoying family. For although it was trivial, domestic, risible and not as real or grown-up as killing soldiers, this here long-running notorious feud had to be put a stop to, for it was getting on their nerves, causing mounting disturbance and attracting the wrong sort of attention just when they, the IRA, did not want any attention attracted at all.
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