Choke Chain by Jason Donald

Choke Chain

Jason Donald

An extraordinary first novel. It is an astonishing tale of the impact of fatherhood, and brutality on the transition to manhood - a powerfully written story of a young boy growing up. It shows that there are all kinds of ways in which children can be abused, and that psychological abuse impacts on the rest of our lives. Not for the fainthearted, even though the harrowing finish shows that there is still hope.

Dad pulled away so quickly the door slammed shut by itself. I rolled down my window and stuck my head out. Kevin sat down on the kerb, picked up a stone and threw it across the street. We turned the corner and he was gone. Dad wouldn't go back for him. He would just leave Kevin all alone even though it was about four or five kilometres back to the house and Kevin didn't know his way home. Someone had to go back.
I had to go.
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