The Frozen Dead by Bernard Minier

The Frozen Dead

Bernard Minier

A long, violent and complicated crime novel involving several bizarre murders with links to past crimes. Set in the Pyrenean district of France with very atmospheric descriptions of the mountains and the weather. A large cast of characters and several sub plots add to the excitement. Translated from the French and a huge hit across Europe, this is a debut novel and the first in a series with the same characters and setting. A real page turner.

'And what was the body like?'
'Decapitated. And dismembered: the skin pulled back on either side like great wings.You'll see it on the video: a truly macabre sight. The workers still haven't recovered.'
Servaz stared at the gendarme, all his senses suddenly on alert. Even though this was an era of extreme violence, this incident was far from ordinary.
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