One Day in April by Jad El Hage

One Day in April

Jad El Hage

Koko is an Armenian photographer living and working in the Lebanon. On April 13 1977 he is sent on an assignment with his arch enemy Nader to cover a wedding in a remote Bekaa Valley village. The wedding is intended to bring together warring tribes and help end the conflict but things are not quite what they seem. A moving and graphic picture of life in the middle of an infamous civil war.

Emile laid a fraternal hand on my shoulder and pointed at a picture of a Spanish Civil war rebel taken at the very moment he was shot: falling back, his rifle about to drop from his hand, all alone in the middle of an empty space. 'That's not the click of a passer by or a tourist but an insider from the belly of the beast. I could die for a shot like that', Emile sighed.
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