Books with a central gay character

You will find no lack of tragedies and lost opportunities in gay stories. Queer fiction opens up the joys and sorrows of gay life. Recognising another soul who thinks and feels like you in a story is life-affirming and transformational. The power of reading lies also in becoming aware of the complexity and beauty of lives that are different from your own.

There’s a lot of exuberance, resistance, bravery and passion to be found in these stories. Plus plenty of thrills and conspiracies, dreams and mysteries. Stories of gay life can be thrilling and edgy - but also full of contemplation and tenderness.


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The Prophet Murders

Mehnet Murat Somer

The Dandelion Clock

Jay Mandal

Fair Helen

Andrew Greig

Mr Loverman

Bernadine Evaristo

Footnotes to Sex

Mia Farlane

It's About Your Friend

Phillip Scott


Katharine Grant

The Page Turner

David Leavitt

This Breathing World

Jose Luis de Juan

The Chimes

Anna Smaill


Richard House

The Blue Mask

Joel Lane

A Cock-eyed Comedy

Juan Goytisolo

The Lacuna

Barbara Kingsolver

Days of Grace

Catherine Hall

A Life Apart

Neel Mukherjee

In Another Place, Not Here

Dionne Brand

The Touch Typist

Helen Sandler

The Texture of Shadows

Mandla Langa

The Visitors

Simon Sylvester


Ari Bach

Zipper Mouth

Laurie Weeks


Michal Witkowski

A Little Life

Hanya Yanagihara

Butterfly Soup

Jan Marsh

First Spring Grass Fire

Rae Spoon

In Clara's Hands

Joseph Olshan

Selfish and Perverse

Bob Smith

Past Perfect

Judith Stelboum

Queer Fear

Michael Rowe (editor)

Children of the Sun

Max Schaefer

The Watchmaker of Filigree Street

Natasha Pulley

New Model Army

Adam Roberts

White is for Witching

Helen Oyeyemi

Exquisite Corpse

Poppy Z Brite

Merciless Gods

Christos Tsiolkas

A Place Called Winter

Patrick Gale

Fifty Ways of Saying Fabulous

Graeme Aitken

Blood Relatives

Stevan Alcock

Spelling Mississippi

Marnie Woodrow


Andrew McMillan

Spencer's List

Lissa Evans

Not Before Sundown

Johanna Sinisalo

Under the Udala Trees

Chinelo Okparanta


Kathleen Bryson

Kings of the Water

Mark Behr

Salvation Army

Abdellah Taïa

The Others

Siba Al-Harez

The Stone of Laughter

Hoda Barakat

In a Strange Room

Damon Galgut