Books with a central gay character

You will find no lack of tragedies and lost opportunities in gay stories. Queer fiction opens up the joys and sorrows of gay life. Recognising another soul who thinks and feels like you in a story is life-affirming and transformational. The power of reading lies also in becoming aware of the complexity and beauty of lives that are different from your own.

There’s a lot of exuberance, resistance, bravery and passion to be found in these stories. Plus plenty of thrills and conspiracies, dreams and mysteries. Stories of gay life can be thrilling and edgy - but also full of contemplation and tenderness.


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Helen Larder

The Dovecote

Stephanie Dummler

The Boy I Love

Marion Husband

The World Unseen

Shamim Sarif

The Song of Achilles

Madeline Miller

Like People in History

Felice Picano

Border State

Tonu Onnepalu

Occupy Me

Tricia Sullivan

Good Clean Fun

Michael Arditti

The Sitar

Rebecca Idris

Wonder Girls

Catherine Jones

What Belongs to You

Garth Greenwell


Stacey D'Erasmo

Autobiography of Red

Anne Carson

Selfish and Perverse

Bob Smith

Man's World

Rupert Smith

China Mountain Zhang

Maureen F McHugh

Bear Me Over Safely

Sheri Joseph

As Meat Loves Salt

Maria McCann

The Spectacle Salesman's Family

Viola Roggenkamp


Andrew Sean Greer

Prozac Highway

Persimmon Blackbridge

The Stone of Laughter

Hoda Barakat

Strong for Potatoes

Cynthia Thayer

Faint Praise

Ellen Hart

The Blood Spilt

Asa Larsson

Kings of the Water

Mark Behr

Any Human Face

Charles Lambert


Jonathan Lyon


Katharine Grant

The Girl on the Stairs

Louise Welsh

Schrodinger's Baby

H R McGregor


Jenny Roberts

Mussolini's Island

Sarah Day

American War

Omar El Akkad

The Story of the Night

Colm Toibin

Black Wave

Michelle Tea


Richard House

The Cutting Room

Louise Welsh

Girls of Paper and Fire

Natasha Ngan

Strawberry and Chocolate

Senel Paz

Rory's Boys

Alan Clark

A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines

Janna Levin

The Hunger Angel

Herta Muller

So the Doves

Heidi James

Enemy of the Good

Michael Arditti

Skin Deep

John R Gordon

The Married Man

Edmund White

Crossing Jordan

Jack Dickson

In Search of the Missing Eyelash

Karen Mcleod