Spear of Destiny by Daniel Easterman

Spear of Destiny

Daniel Easterman

This adventure thriller is full of atmosphere. Although rather formulaic for my taste, this is compensated by the mesmerizing Sahara and sinister Transylvanian locations. While there are few surprises in the plot - the quest for a hidden crypt and its religious contents - it still manages to deliver an intriguing read.



When they camped by day, they switched off their engines and a silence fell on them like no other silence. In that silence, they thought they could hear the Earth turn. The silence, like the sand, went on for ever. Sarah could have lived in it an entire lifetime. She thought it cleansed her. The silence, and with it the great emptiness and the pure, pure air.

  • The Marks of Cain by Tom Knox
  • The Sacred Blood by Michael Byrnes
  • The Sword by Daniel Easterman

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