If I Had Your Face by Frances Cha

If I Had Your Face

Frances Cha

For a woman of low status to survive in Seoul, the cultural norms dictate that their face must be their fortune. Like an ironic take on the tale of The Little Mermaid – exploitation and pressure to undergo painful cosmetic surgery follows. This bold chronicle of four women delivered an insightful and provocative look at the universal obsession with ‘looks’ and the objectification of women the world over. For me - a bleak yet compelling read.


'In the original story, the little mermaid endures unspeakable pain to gain her human legs. The Sea Witch warns her that her new feet will feel as if she is walking on whetter blades, but she will be able to dance like no human has ever danced before. And so she drinks the witch's potion, which slices through her body like a sword.' 

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