Brixton Beach by Roma Tearne

Brixton Beach

Roma Tearne

The story begins in Sri Lanka - beautiful, but torn apart by racial and civil strife and then moves to London where assimilation into an alien culture is a struggle. A great story with beautiful descriptions - the words glow like jewels on every page - and interesting, diverse characters who are totally believable. All in all, a wonderful reading experience - but, be warned, have your box of tissues ready.

'Bastards! What have they done?'

The cry of rage reaching his ears is an ancient one, repeated from time immemorial. Arms rise heavenwards as though in prayer. Humanity's unanswered question asked on this ghost of a morning in July. Helplessly, Simon turns towards the speaker, a man old enough to have seen the sands of Dunkirk, a man old enough to have witnessed the Battle of Britain. For on this beautiful day, even as Big Ben strikes the hour and swallows fill the summer skies, a lesser God descends. Fraught with terrible intent. Here, in the very heart of London.
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