Balthazar Jones and the Tower of London Zoo by Julia Stuart

Balthazar Jones and the Tower of London Zoo

Julia Stuart

An unusual story set in the enclosed world of the Tower of London populated by eccentric, but believable characters who are all lonely in their own way. Add to this mix an assortment of exotic and neurotic animals and the fun really begins. The sub-plots of the clergyman who writes erotic fiction and the search for love in the London Underground lost property office are amusing and touching. An optimistic, enjoyable and very funny read.


'What do you mean, the penguins are missing?' Oswin Fielding asked, leaning across the table next to the framed signature of Rudolf Hess.

'They just never turned up,' Balthazar Jones replied, lowering his voice lest someone heard.

'So where are they?'

The Beefeater scratched at his white beard. 'I'm not quite certain at the moment,' he replied. 'The removal man says he stopped for petrol and when he came back from ors were open and they'd vanished.'

'Who was in the passenger seat?'

The Beefeater looked away. 'One of the penguins,' he muttered.

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