Ten Steps to Happiness by Daisy Waugh

Ten Steps to Happiness

Daisy Waugh

Our city girl has got her man and is all set to live happily ever after in the country. What could spoil this? Quite a lot it appears - money worries, misunderstandings and health and safety inspectors. Will happiness prevail in the end? What do you think?

Fiddleford Manor lay deep beneath the snow. The boiler was broken, the house was freezing, the roof was leaking and there was a policeman at the bottom of the drive. Jo and Charlie had returned from their Mexican honeymoon only three weeks earlier, besotted, euphoric, absolutely one hundred per cent in love. And yet, as she looked out at the frozen landscape and the heavy, grey, endless sky, she thought for the first time of the perspex desk she had left in Soho, and of the low-fat, high-concept working lunch she would have been enjoying at exactly this moment six months ago, and briefly, treacherously, found herself wondering if she might have been better off staying in London, where mass cullings never interrupted the running of things, and where there was always emergency hot water at the gym.
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