The Zoya Factor by Anuja Chauhan

The Zoya Factor

Anuja Chauhan

In the Bollywood romantic cricket genre, you always know that the unassuming girl (junior advertising rep Zoya) will find her prince (Indian World Series captain) and that India (in spite of their well-deserved reputation for losing) will win the 2011 World Cup. Just enjoy the delightful, tongue-in-chic romp with a full cast of poseurs and hunks.

And then Zahid pulled back and looked at me, a little confused, a little unfocused. Then he smiled. 'Mein abhi aataa hoon, haan?' he said quite gently and walked off to join Khoda who was waiting for him with the umpire on the pitch, hands deep in his pockets.
'Arrey wah, Joyaji, you have made him forget his English even!' I heard a voice booming behind me and turned around to see Lokendar Chugh, chomping pistas as usual and looking rather hideous in a Kings XI tee shirt.
'I didn't know you supported Punjab, Lokey,' I said.
'Lai, I am Punjabi only!' he said. 'And you are looking so soni kudi! Come and watch the match with me.'
'No way,' I said, shaking my head, my idiotic parandi swinging from side to side.
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