The Rapture by Liz Jensen

The Rapture

Liz Jensen

This is a chilling and thrilling end of the world tale - and a vivid picture of a planet in turmoil. Liz Jensen is particularly good at depicting damaged characters. I found the relationship between Bethany and Gabrielle especially fascinating and it is this relationship which really brings the tale to life and keeps you turning the pages - will they, can they survive?

The sky is almost black now. It could be night. The clay corner is a disaster area, so it is only half an hour later, when my next session is due to start, that I roll over to where Bethany has been working, and see, next to the charcoal skyscapes and the sky-diver, the crude red crayon drawing she has left on the worktop. It could have been done by an eight-year-old. It's a stick-figure, lying askew. Female, to judge from the triangular breast and the triangular skirt.
Something is sticking out of her eye.
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