The Cry of the Go-Away Bird by Andrea Eames

The Cry of the Go-Away Bird

Andrea Eames

As Mugabe’s reign turns sour, life in Zimbabwe changes for everyone, not least for Elise who has enjoyed an idyllic childhood on a white owned farm. I loved this memoir-like novel, its humour, tension and horror. I couldn't put it down.


‘Oh hi!’ said Mum in an artificial voice. She wiggled her fingers at Mr Cooper as if she had spotted a friend across a crowded café, rather than her new boss. She had her phone voice on, which is how I knew straight away that Mr Cooper must be good-looking. She was wearing nice sandals, the ones with the gold braid, and her hair was done. She ducked her head as she got out of the car so as not to squish her curls.

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  • Frankie and Stankie by Barbara Trapido

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