The Inquisitor by Mark Allen Smith

The Inquisitor

Mark Allen Smith

When information retrieval expert (aka torturer) Geiger opens up the trunk in front of him and discovers a frightened 12 year old boy, he knows that his new job has not gone according to plan. What follows is not only a twisting, sometimes predictable, psychological thriller but also, (and more interestingly), a personal quest for Geiger, who’s troubled past and long-hidden feelings lead him to break all of his carefully focused life plans.


Geiger stepped inside the closet and lay down on his side, curling himself into a ball to fit. He reached up and pulled the door closed. He closed his eyes. As the music swirled around him, each note burst into a drop of radiantly colored ligh that left a dying trail like a falling star against a night sky. He could taste the sounds, too; each instrument and tone delivered a different flavor. The cello painted long, aquamarine streaks that tasted sweet and cool. The violins splashed hot red lines with hints of cinnamon.
He was in the darkness. He needed to think.

  • The Inquisitor by Gayle Wilson
  • The Professionals by Owen Laukkanen
  • The Informationist by Taylor Stevens

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