Amigoland by Oscar Casares


Oscar Casares

By turns funny and heart-breaking, this is a bumpy road trip across the Mexican border with two elderly, yet feisty old men in search of a family legend. Don Fidencio’s quest for dignity in his care home is as important as the reawakening of the bond between the estranged brothers. Skilful narration and well-drawn characters bring alive the emotions and frustrations of ageing and an understanding that it’s never too late for a new beginning.

Socorro waited for him to finish eating.
'And of what you can remember, what would you change?'
'Nothing,' Don Fidencio said, and set down his fork.
'Not one thing?'
'Only that I wouldn't be here, still alive and giving people trouble.'
'Nobody here thinks that way,' his brother said.
'And later, when we have to go back across and I have nowhere else to go, you still think I won’t be giving people trouble?'
'Maybe when we get back, your daughter will change her mind and take you home,' Socorro said.
The old man turned and looked at his brother.
'You never know,' Don Celestino said, and shrugged.
But he did know, and so did the girl, and, of course, so did Don Fidencio.
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