Terms & Conditions by Robert Glancy

Terms & Conditions

Robert Glancy

Quirky, satirical view of legal bureaucracy and life. Look out for the small asterisk almost on every page, as you won’t want to skip and miss out on the humorous printed footnotes, after all this is what this lawyer specialises in.

Oscar, my brother and boss, and the most corrupt lawyer in London – and trust me when I say he’s up against some bloody stiff competition – heads up London’s Legal Board of Ethics. I’m not entirely sure how he got on the board. He probably, without the faintest sense of impropriety, bribed someone. My moronic brother Oscar decides what the lawyers of London can and cannot do.*
Oscar assures me that being a board member is great for the company and ‘great for my profile’.

* The world is suffocating in its own satire.
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