Dinner for Two by Mike Gayle

Dinner for Two

Mike Gayle

Ideal holiday book. Easy to read, engaging characters, plenty of gentle humour but touching on the complexities of human relationships in a way that gives the novel a value beyond a pleasant read. Warning - despite its light touch, probably one to avoid for emotionally fragile souls who have issues around children or parenting.

I read the letter several times but nothing's going in. I look round the office to check I'm not dreaming: Lisa, the production manager, is putting a new CD into the office hi-fi; Daisy, the senior writer is talking loudly to a friend on the phone: Jessica, the junior designer, is standing by the colour printer in the far corner of the art department. Everyone's going about their business. No-one's looking at me waiting to go,
'Ha! Ha! had you fooled there!' I'm alone on this one.
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