Past Perfect by Judith Stelboum

Past Perfect

Judith Stelboum

A story of lost love and sexual awakening, with some fairly graphic sex; but I found the characters hard to warm to, and the writing style difficult to get on with.


Elizabeth was frightened and trembling, holding onto Veronica, knowing that the real motivation for this impulsive ride was an attempt to understand Carol. What had Carol meant when she said she wanted more wildness? She tried to imagine the requisites of Carol's world as she unsuccessfully struggled with her immediate panic. She was afraid of falling off the bike as she was pulled backwards and pushed forward. She was afraid of the speed. Most of all, she was afraid of the confused feelings she had for Veronica whose hard back was pressed tight against her chest. Her arms circled Veronica's waist. She wanted to rest her head on Veronica's neck, on the back of her shoulder. 'Just a ride,' Veronica said. 'I'll show you what it's like.' Elizabeth was instantly sorry, but it was too late.

  • Seven Moves by Carol Anshaw
  • One Summer Night by Gerri Hill

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