The American Granddaughter by Inaam Kachachi

The American Granddaughter

Inaam Kachachi

A young Iraqi-American woman returns to her homeland as a translator for the US occupying forces. I was expecting a sweeping love story set against the backdrop of a war torn country. What I got was a moving and thought provoking novel about the atrocities of war and the devastating effect it has upon those who are caught up in it.

'A dog with two homes' was how Tawoos described me when I returned from Detroit to Baghdad. I couldn't get my old life back, and I couldn't adapt to my life in the Zone. I was a dog with two homes but unable to feel at home in either. Tawoos might have been crazy and unpredictable, but she sometimes spoke with wisdom, especially when it came to diagnosing what I was going through.
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