The Mountain Story by Lori Lansens

The Mountain Story

Lori Lansens

When Wolf's life becomes unbearable, he climbs the mountain without food or water not intending to return. He is only 18 and ill-prepared to help three strangers find their way on the mountain when they all become totally lost. What follows is a harrowing five days for them and the reader - I couldn't put it down!

Dear Daniel, a person has to live a little to appreciate a survival story. That's what I've always said, and I promised that when you were old enough, I'd tell you mine. It's no tale for a child, but you're not a child anymore. You're older now than I was when I got lost in the mountain wilderness. Five days in the freezing cold without food or water or shelter. You know that part, and you know that I was with three strangers and that not everyone survived. What happened up there changed my life, Danny. Hearing the story is going to change yours.
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