The Falafel King is Dead by Sara Shilo

The Falafel King is Dead

Sara Shilo

A frank acount of a woman coping with not only the loss of her husband but also her whole way of life. Details the struggle suffered by people under the constant threat of war and how this effects daily and family life. Powerful, shocking but in the end life-affirming.

A year after Mas'ud died, his whole family abandoned me. His brothers don't set foot in the apartment. They're angry with me. They think it's my fault the falafel shop didn't work out. I don't understand what's the matter with them, what they have against me. Who am I to decide if a shop will be successful? Who am I to tell people to buy falafel there or somewhere else? and even if, for the sake of argument, I am guilty of that, what did Mas'ud do to them? they don't even visit his grave once a year. They have no shame.
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