The Bad News Bible by Anna Blundy

The Bad News Bible

Anna Blundy

This thriller follows a war correspondent as she exposes human interest stories in a country ripped apart by war. Although she is detached from the horrors and breezes through the chaos, I ended up admiring Faith's determination to succeed.


I pretended to myself that I was really going out there for a story, which was in any case a nice one. The desk would love it. Human interest, Palestinian kids, an English bloke, an Israeli military benefactor. All the ingredients. They liked to do that at the weekend - make people see that the country they have been reading about all week has peacetime too. It isn't all bombs and booby traps. Real people live there. People with feelings, just like you and me. Ugh.

  • R is for Ricochet by Sue Grafton
  • Faith Without Doubt by Anna Blundy
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