Professor Andersen's Night by Dag Solstad

Professor Andersen's Night

Dag Solstad

What do you do if you witness a murder and then do not report it? How does a crime that is not reported relate to the way in which a society models itself? And, if it is not reported and the body is not found, did it really happen? This does not give the plot away, because the plot is about the complexity of the argument. This book demands that you think, and it does this by both challenging and entertaining you.


They sat around the dinner table. The starter had been consumed. The main course was being carried in. Grouse. Nina pointed out that the peas which accompanied the dish were Russian, and that it was terribly difficult to get hold of them in this country. You see, there was actually only one single shop in the whole of Oslo where it was possible to get hold of Russian peas, and then you really ought to have ordered them in advance.

  • Fleck by Alasdair Gray
  • Hit and Run by Doug Johnstone
  • The Long Dry by Cynan Jones

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