Half Life by Roopa Farooki

Half Life

Roopa Farooki

A gritty modern love story. Aruna is not an easy character to like, but you will be swept into her story from the first page and guessing the outcome of her troubles right until the last one. Easy to read and unusual.


'I want to know why you came back.' His face is shining with so much cheap hope that Aruna can no longer look at him. She guesses the words he wants her to say, the compelling, heartbreaking words, For you. I came back for you. But this is only part true. After the joy of holding him in her arms, she suddenly wants a drink and a cigarette more than she wants anything else in the world; more than she wants this moment, even. She realises that running away really is the easy part; it is coming home that is hard.

  • Small Island by Andrea Levy
  • After You'd Gone by Maggie O' Farrell

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