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Sound Archive

Nerys Williams

As the title of this collection of poems suggests, their attraction lies in the sound of the words rather than in their meaning. (The author was a sound librarian with the BBC.) It's a varied collection and is mostly lighthearted. I found the titles of the poems as intriguing as the contents eg 'Last Night a Radioman Saved my Life', and 'I Own Brighton Pier'. It's a collection to be read again and again. I absolutely loved it.

I am not a sociable person - I do not think so.
I am not a brave person - I do not think so.
If I could write on a butterfly's wing would I succeed?
I could fill drawers with your anecdotes.

The bird blushes to brighten his wings.
Beware of dictionaries falling from the sky
Beware of hijacked mothers, persistent fathers
and letters in reverse.

Bring your love in a paper bag and leave it on the mantle.
Beware of telling the turning tide to sing
since whoever lies is not believed
even when speaking the truth.

from The Dancing House
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