Don't Try This at Home by Angela Readman

Don't Try This at Home

Angela Readman

This amazing collection defies definition but the overwhelming feeling on finishing is one of awe. The stories are subversive, beautifully weird, melancholy and suffused with a strange and joyful magic. The characters - both human and otherwise - are brave survivors and hugely memorable. Dip in - then take time to allow each individual story to sink into your consciousness before you return for your next fix. And return you will - it's addictive.


It's not so bad being a dog-faced girl, even a stray. Scared I'd bite the superstitious hand of the village, my mother left me to the nuns. My birth certificate is a sideshow flyer. It says Momma saw a man eaten by a wolf when her belly was a full moon. Then I was born, hairy. I imagine she's howling somewhere.

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