English Slacker by Chris Morton

English Slacker

Chris Morton

18-year-old Chambers, looking forward to one last summer of freedom with his mates, struggles to cope with the apparent suicide of his friend Colin. Don't expect straight answers as this likeable anti-hero appears to be losing his grip on reality, possibly due to the frequent influence of cannabis, alcohol and tobacco. So, yeah, chill, go with the flow and take yourself back to just bumming around, being a teenager.


What actually happened and what I remember happening to me are different things. I guess I should say this now; just in case I haven't made it clear before or anything. Like, I'm pretty sure that when I passed out the first time, when I was with Charlotte, it was 'cause I was tired or 'cause of the drink or something. But I'm not sure about the second time when I was with Holly. (Like, was there a big guy then? Did I actually pass out at all?)

  • Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh
  • Dazed and Confused - the film

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