The Dope Priest by Nicholas Blincoe

The Dope Priest

Nicholas Blincoe

The Dope Priest is David, an ex-drug smuggler who has spent fifteen years on the run. He comes to Palestine to help an old friend, Tony, with an illegal real estate deal. Events twist and turn until no one is sure who is in control. The humour is black and sharp and the story is bizarre, however the picture it gives of life in Palestine rings true.

'Chicken farming? This area isn't zoned for business.'
Tony perked up. 'You think we can get them on that? Illegal chicken farming?'
The lawyer paused, rubbed a hand over his chins. 'Actually - no. Not a chance.'
'I sometimes wonder: what's the point of lawyers in a country where no one obeys the law?'
That would give Salman something to think about, on the drive to his house. But not too much, because it was only a five-minute drive. Tony didn't want to overtax him, exhaust his finely tuned lawyer brain.
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